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A. Graduate Students are required to complete the minimum of 32 credits.
B. 12 professional compulsory credits.
C. 20 professional elective credits.
D. Important regulations:
1.          Students who take courses from other departments (universities) must gain the approval from the head of graduate institute. The maximum credits taken by students from other departments (universities) are 6. Graduate students must take his/her thesis supervisor’s research seminar.
2.          Students must hand in their chosen research topic with their supervisor’s signature before the add-drop period in the second year first semester. A change of supervisor must have the new supervisor’s agreement.
3.          The course lecturer and the head of graduate institute hold the authority for credits waiver/transference. The maximum of credits waiver is 9.
4.          ‘Ethnicity Studies’ is equivalent to ‘Theories of Ethnicity’.
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