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A. Students must fulfill the regulations of Basic Knowledge and complete four programs with a minimum of 128 credits.  
B. The major programs of the department include:
1.          The foundation program of the College of Indigenous Studies (22 credits).
2.          The core program of the Department of Indigenous Development and Social Work.
3.          The professional elective program of the Department of Indigenous. Development and Social Work (students may select between social work program and indigenous development program).
C. The professional elective program of the Department include
1.          Social Work Program (27 credits).
2.          Indigenous Development Program (27 credits).
D. Basic Knowledge (43 credits, including 4 credits in Physical Education).
E. Important regulations:
1.          Students must fulfill the regulations of Basic Knowledge and complete four programs with a minimum of 128 credits.
2.          Students are required to pass LTTC-GEPT intermediate level or other equivalent examinations.
3.          The maximum number of credits that students can transfer back to the Basic Knowledge from the college’s Foundation Program is 9.
4.          Students are advised not to take less than 9 credits or more than 25 credits in each semester. Credit overloading is not allowed without approval from the department head.
5.          Students who commenced study in or after 2009 and select 2009 course rule as assessment criteria for graduation must take service learning courses, including ‘Service-learning I’ and ‘Service-learning II’.
6.          The Indigenous Development Program makes the 2007-2009 Indigenous Development Program by the Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication credits count in/after the academic year of 2010.
7.          Social Work Program compulsory modules: Psychology, Human Behaviors in the Social Environment, Social Psychology, Social Case Work, Social Statistics, Social Group Work, Program Design and Evaluation, Social Work Management, Social Welfare Administration, Social Work Practicum I and Social Work Practicum II.
8.          ‘Community Work’ and ‘Community Organization and Development’ are equivalent modules.
9.          ‘Social Policy and Legislation’ and ‘Social Policy and Social Legislation’ are equivalent modules.
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