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 Topic:  From Governance Failure to Failure Governance. Taiwan's success in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

◎講者:Benjamin Klasche Ph.D.(Lecturer of Politics and International Relations at Tallinn University)

Speaker:Benjamin Klasche Ph.D.(Lecturer of Politics and International Relations at Tallinn University)

◎中文口譯:Wasiq Silan|高怡安(民族事務與發展學系助理教授)

Chinese Translator: Wasiq Silan|高怡安(Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development Assistant Professor



◎線上講座(Google Meet):http://

URL(Google Meet): http://

這次演講將通過關係思維不僅應用於「分析/描述性」問題,還應用於「規範/指導性」問題的層面,介紹政策制定和治理中的「關係轉向」(relational turn)。 當治理中所謂「棘手問題」(wicked problems)日益增加--例如氣候變化、COVID-19類型的大流行病、全球經濟衰退和難民危機等--我們更迫切需的要關係轉向。我們主張需要從關係的角度重新思考治理作為一個「過程」(process),以激發解決這些棘手問題的潛力--我們需要不只要按照常規、專注於治理的具體工具或資源,正好相反,我們必須跳脫常理去質疑治理是否在一開始就應該被當作是工具和資源。而這也是帶領我們從治理失靈到成失靈治理的關鍵。基於此,台灣可以被視為成功關係性治理的案例;綜於各種面向,我們也可以說台灣是全國性失靈治理之代表。

This talk introduces the relational turn in policy making and governance by taking relational thinking to bear on not just analytic/descriptive issues, but also to normative/prescriptive issues. The need for such a turn, comes from the ever-increasing relevance of addressing the so-called wicked problems of governance like climate change, COVID-19 kinds of pandemics, global economic recessions and refugee crises. We argue for a need to rethink governance as a process from the relational point of view to spur its potential for addressing these problems. What needs to be rethought is not so much the specific tools or resources of governance, but the very issue of whether governance should be seen in terms of tools and resources in the first place. It takes us from governance failure to failure governance. Taiwan could be seen as an epitome of successful relational governance. Based on various resources, we can call Taiwan the whole-of-nation-failure-governance.